5 Steps & Tips To Creating Videos For Beginners

Getting your “sea legs” for creating videos at the beginning of a YouTube channel launch and such is a process, but with time (and with the right information you should know), it’ll be a breeze! After networking with and collaborating with many video content creators and creating some of our own videos, we’ve accumulated a number of pro-tips for anyone just getting started with creating videos. 

Here are the 5 steps you should keep in mind as you create videos!

1 | Stay motivated and keep your eye on the goal you’ve set for yourself.

There’s no jumping around the fact that video content creation can be the most time consuming and frustrating of tasks because there are many phases involved. There’s the preparation phase, the filming phase, the editing phase, and the promotion phase. But remember why you’re making video content and don’t lose sight of that spark that led you to launching a video channel. 

2 | Use the equipment you have available and don’t feel pressured to upgrade your equipment at the very start. 

With quarantine and living during the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ll see an influx of video content circulating online. Most of these creators are using their mobile devices to create video content, and you can, too. You don’t have to have professional filming equipment to get the job done, so don’t be afraid to work within your means to get started. 


3 | Know your lighting and space. 

The quality of your videos can be significantly impacted by your space and the lighting that it has. You can either use a balance of studio lights (if available) or natural lighting so look at areas of your home (if indoors) that have light coming into the space from windows. 

4 | Create a video content plan. 

Recording on a whim is doable, but you will save yourself the time and stress of video production if you come up with a plan prior to recording and editing your videos. When you create a video content plan, you’ll want to make sure you cover…

  • The video concept (point of the video)
  • Bullet points you need to cover or sequence of recordings that need to be filmed
  • The vision you have for editing the video

You can log these in the Shop Lovet Agency YouTube Planner easily so that you can refer to your plans as you create your video content. Go the extra mile and create a script for yourself, but don’t be afraid if you don’t read things off word-for-word. You want to create a natural flow to your videos instead of coming off as robotic so it’s 100% okay to improvise what you say as long as you cover the points you planned out.

5 | Research video editing software. 

There are many video editing programs available. Depending on your proficiency in video editing, you might want to consider simple programs rather than going for the big show like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. Save those advanced programs for when you’re more comfortable with the video creation process and want to take it to the next level!

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to reach out! Our inbox is always open via email and on our Instagram and Facebook pages. For more tips, make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter at shoplovetagency.com and check out our other pro-tips and planner walkthroughs at the blog section of our site! Questions or comments? Drop a line below!

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