7 Blog Post Ideas To Write in 2020

Now that more time is on our hands because of the current pandemic at hand, more time has been made available for blogging! Sometimes though, it feels like blog post ideas are hard to come up with. When that happens, time is being wasted trying to come up with the next great idea and you may be wondering what should I write about or post in 2020? 

To narrow down the amount of time you’re spending on brainstorming ideas, we’ve put together a list of 7 Blog Post Ideas To Write in 2020 while you combat writer’s block. 


#1 - Challenges and What You’re Doing to Master Them

Relatable content is soaked up easily by readers and everyone is always looking for a little bit of inspiration or even validation that they’re not the only person going through what you may be going through. To write about challenges and what you’re doing to master them can help readers get a better understanding of who you are as a person and how they can apply your experiences and lessons to their own lives.

#2 - Top 5 Favorite ________(Your Choice) Items

One of the easiest ways to fill content is to work on a “listicle” which is just a fun way of saying “list article”. Depending on what your blog is all about or your personal brand, you can list and detail some of your favorite items for beauty, fashion, business, etc. 

#3 - Write an FAQ Post

Open up to your audience and share with them more about who you are in an FAQ style. You can come up with your own questions to answer yourself, and those questions can range from things like what made you start your website/business? or what are you looking forward to most this year?

#4 - Product Review

With how 2020 is projected to be a quarantine year, shopping might be limited to online but you could share with your readers products you’ve found online and your thoughts on them!

#5 - Reflect On Memories (+ Gallery)

Sometimes photos say more than words can, but of course with blog posts you’ll want to write at least 300 or 500 words. Gather some of your favorite photos from your last trip or a memorable time and tell your readers all about it.

Photo via @bedazzledbritt

#6 - Hold a Giveaway

Doesn’t seem like much to write about does it? But you can! Depending on the items you’re giving away, you can tie them in with a message. For example, we do planner giveaways to help people transform their lives with productivity on a different scale and share how the planners have helped us.

#7 - 10 Reasons Why I Love ____________ (Your Choice)

Continuing on in the same vein as #2 with listicles, “10 Reasons” type posts are popular beyond belief. You could do 10 reasons why you love a certain TV show, movie, book, celebrity, product, etc. The options are endless!

Make sure you come up with a proper plan of action for your blog posts and check out the Blog Planner so you can do some brainstorming and prep in one sweep! Fight that writer’s block and think outside the box.


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