How to Use the Instagram Planner Hashtag Bank

What’s up, Instagrammers? We’re going to call ourselves out for talking about Instagram’s algorithm changing so much and affecting post performance because the algorithm is always changing and we’ve got to change with it. 

One of the easiest things to change and mix up when you’re on Instagram is what hashtags you’re using. It can be hard and frustrating especially when it’s a no-no to use the same hashtags for posts back-to-back. 

To help get you into the right gear for Instagram content prep and posting, we created the Instagram Planner which is the “Insta-bestie” for any Instagrammer, content creator, business owner, etc. It’s main purpose is to help you plan, prepare, and keep track of your content, but there are other unique pages and sections to be aware of.

In this blog post, we’re going to cover one of the favorite pages from the Instagram Planner and that’s the Hashtag Bank.

How to Use the Instagram Planner Hashtag Bank

Look at how exciting this blank page looks! The Hashtag Bank is your go-to log for hashtags you’re using for different post types. If you’re unfamiliar with different post types, check out this digital download. 

STEP ONE ✅ Figure out your main 5 post types.

Go through your Instagram profile and determine the five different post types you share most frequently. It could be tips, fashion looks, lifestyle, etc. Those are each different post types

STEP TWO ✅Research hashtags.

The key to hashtags is that you want to pair them with posts (Step 1) that are relevant and appealing to the audience that follows the specific hashtag. There will be some research required to find the right hashtags for your posts. Here’s a sampling of the beginner pro-tips from our Hashtag Guide digital download:

  • Use 30 hashtags per post.
  • Put your hashtags either in a separate line or the first comment of your post.
  • If a hashtag has a million posts under it, it may be more difficult for your post to be seen. 

Pro-tip: The Instagram Hashtag Guide covers the do’s and don’ts of hashtags, hashtag recommendations based on post type, etc. Click here to check it out.

STEP THREE ✅Fill out the Hashtag Bank.

  1. At the top of each section of the Hashtag Bank, you’ll see spots where you can write out the 5 different post types. Fill those spaces out with what 5 post types you discovered were common on your profile in step 1.
  2. Pick which hashtags you liked best for each post type from the research phase in step 2. 

STEP FOUR ✅Try different hashtags each month. 

In the “Month at a Glance” sections of each month, there’s a section where you can write down different hashtags that are not in your Hashtag Bank to try out! 

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to reach out to us! We’re here to help. For more tips, make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter at and check out our other pro-tips and planner walkthroughs at the blog section of our site! Questions or comments? Drop a line below!

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