Planning the Perfect Grid with the Instagram Planner

When it comes to creating and curating content to publish to Instagram, the following thoughts may cross your mind:

  • Does my grid match my personal aesthetic?
  • Is my grid consistent in the type of content I share?
  • Does my grid look off balance?
  • I’m not vibin’ with the current look…

These are thoughts many of us - if not all of us - have faced when it comes to our Instagram profiles whether it’s a business or personal profile. That’s okay! This is why we created the Instagram Planner: to help you form a better understanding of what you want your profile to be all about. 

Inside the Instagram Planner are two particular pages that will be the soul of creating your ‘look’. The first page you’ll see has two sets of Vision Boards. Don’t worry, you’re not expected to modge podge a craft project into this page but rather come up with a consistent pattern, or placement, for the photos you share. 

The second page that will help you define your look is the Monthly Trends page. This is where you’ll outline your ‘content type’ for the year based on events, holidays, etc. 

So let’s dive into an example of how to use the Vision Boards. Again, you’re not expected to print and cut images to place into these neat squares. Descriptors are great in this area. When you visit different Instagram profiles, you might notice a pattern that’s developed. For example, inspirational or informational profiles may utilize quote images every other post that goes up on their Instagram grid. 

If you’re like us at LOVET AGENCY, each person has a unique perspective on life and wants to share every aspect. Take Sayeh for example. If you hop on over to her profile, she finds a balance of photos of herself, photos of her boss cat named Biscuits, and miscellaneous interior and architecture photos that spark inspiration for her creative branding styles. 

When you’re using the Monthly Trends page, this is entirely at your discretion. You can create your own year at a glance of themes to take on. A pro-tip for the upcoming season: You may think about integrating Halloween or #AutumnVibes type of posts whether its photos of you perusing the Halloween decor section at your favorite store or enjoying that warm cup of Pumpkin Spice Latte.

The Instagram Planner is yours and yours alone. How it shapes is how you want to use it. So when the vision boards and themes for the years are all set, that’s when you start breaking down to the specifics or try to find that one VSCO or Adobe Lightroom preset that makes your photos look cohesive. 

If you need inspiration, browse through different Instagram profiles under hashtags relevant to your profile or maybe check out different magazines that you feel best match your personal style.

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