Shop Lovet Agency Origins | Exclusive Interview With Sayeh Pezeshki

In fabulous Los Angeles, California, LOVET AGENCY found its place as a premiere branding agency. In the process of getting connected with clients and tracking the progress of each branding project, Sayeh Pezeshki - Founder & Owner of LOVET AGENCY - had a vision of the perfect planner that would suit the needs of her career. 

Fast forward to now, Sayeh is now the Founder & Owner of Shop Lovet Agency. We sat down with Sayeh to find out the why of it all!


What made you decide to launch Shop Lovet Agency? 

It was a complete accident. I started with the Lovet Planner, [which is] the weekly planner, and that was just out of necessity for myself. I used it for about a year and kept posting about it and people kept asking when the planner would be available. I was like, "We're not a planner store".  But, as I started diving deeper into it, I started seeing all the things that are basically missing in planners and planners that don't even exist. I thought it would be stupid of me to keep these awesome products from people. 

It just came out of necessity because every single planner that I've come across is done the same exact way. It's 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and lists of appointments. Every once in a while, I'll see one that has a maybe a gratitude list, or maybe has how many cups of water you drank. Either way, the daily or weekly is done by just time and my brain doesn't work that way and I hated it.

What are common pain points you see from other people's experiences when it comes to their planners?

This one thing actually stood out at me. It's not just with me, but it's also with other people who love planners. The biggest thing that happens is that we start to use them and then we stop after a couple of months. So, we'll buy the fancy planner, we're really good about it, then two months in we're like, "Eh, it's more work to actually use the planner". This is the first planner that I have used the full year. But that's what I've seen with even friends and other customers. You give up the planner because it's just not working for you.

The biggest thing is the structure and the way they're done. Who wants to write their to do list in a 9 a.m. slot or pick a time. It almost gives you anxiety, rather than relieving you of the anxiety. That's the whole point of planning stuff is to give yourself... is to remove anxiety from your day to day because our lives are so busy. It's being able to pick back up on it and just the structure is the biggest thing. You have people to call, you places to go, and you have things to do. They shouldn't all be mashed into time slots. That's not how it works.

Shop Lovet Agency Pro-tip:
Even if you did take a couple months off from planning, you can pick back up right where you left! No already filled dates to tell you, “You can’t use me because it’s almost 2020!”

There's the Instagram planner, the YouTube planner, and now there's the website planner. What made you identify the need for social media specific planners? Were there things that were painfully obvious for social media users and their content creation that led you to create those?

Clients have actually told me this, "I just don't know what to do with my Instagram. It just feels like a mess and I don't know where to start." When you have a guidebook or step by step, or even a planner, it's not even a full guidebook, but it's having that structure is so important. People don't know what to do and without the structure they just keep trying shit that doesn't work and giving up.

The Future of Shop Lovet Agency

With how Sayeh’s brain is always running in creative mode, her innovation when it comes to planners and the digital landscape doesn’t stop here. When asked about what we can expect in the future of Shop Lovet Agency, we weren’t expecting the goldmine of plans ahead!

We encourage you to continue to follow Shop Lovet Agency, because the next chapters will include planner hybrids, guidebooks, and even video courses to guide you through the planner process and how to use them efficiently. More educational components are going to be introduced to the company to improve the quality of your day-to-day rather than staying inside the box that everyone tells you to fall in line with. 

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