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Make this year your BEST YEAR yet by making a vision board that speaks directly to YOU! Our Vision Board Book + Planner is made so that you can take your dreams and goals with you on the go. The first section includes pages of full color cut outs with stylishly designed quotes, affirmations, graphics, dividers and more. Use them to complete the blank pages inside to bring your vision to life. Tips and guidelines included to help get things started. 

Cut out graphics + affirmations about your career, health, love, mindset, lifestyle, confidence and more. 


  • One spiral bound paper planner with glossy softcover and back cover. 80 pages inside : Cover/Intro, Vision, How to use, Intention page, 19 pages of cut out graphics, quotes, affirmations, and 20 + blank pages to create your vision book.  
  • Measures 8.5 X 11 inches.
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